About Kindred

At Kindred we believe in the power of story to bring people together. We believe stories are written to be shared, to change people, to shape culture, to spark a desire to know and be known. It is in the creation and celebration of story in all its forms: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and visual that we celebrate home. In embracing the idea of home, we celebrate the messy, the meaningful, the people, and places we hold near and dear to our hearts.

Kindred features work by fresh voices with a passion and talent for story. We want to publish work that is consistent with the way we feel life should be: connected, natural, simple. Kindred has neither literary nor political manifesto. We simply believe in the importance of living a life worth telling.

Kindred seeks:
Prose, poetry, hybrid-prose, and visual stories that bring people together. We also welcome profiles of people and places that inspire the raconteur in you.

We lean towards strong narrative, humor, exquisite language, a balance of the stunning and the raw, revelation, delicacy, depth, possibility, larger than life characters, unique settings, seeing into the life of things, the full and the empty, the deep power of joy, witty banter, and the triumph of kindness.

The size of Kindred means we are selective in what we choose to publish. Shorter works generally fit better but we have included longer pieces of prose and long poems because the writing excited and delighted us. Send us your best work and surprise us!

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Amanda Mays, Editor

M.L. Huye, Design

T. Edwards, Reader

L. Miller, Reader

B. Painter, Reader

R. Thompson, Reader