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Good Monday morning friends! Are you ready for our ninth prompt leading up to Issue Five: Nest?


The Low Down:
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* We look forward to seeing how you interpret the prompt, whether in a photograph or photographs, poetry, prose, etc. We like seeing things turned on their head, even inside out.
* Email us your creative endeavors (be sure to include your full name and a link to your blog/website if you have one). We’ll choose some entries to share here, others might make their way into Issue Five.


“Of course, thanks to the house, a great many of our memories are housed, and if the house is a bit elaborate, if it has a cellar and a garret, nooks and corridors, our memories have refuges that are all the more clearly delineated. All our lives we come back to them in our daydreams. A psychoanalyst should, therefore, turn his attention to this simple localization of our memories. I should like to give the name of topoanalysis to this auxiliary of pyschoanalysis. Topoanalysis, then would be the systematic psychological study of the sites of our intimate lives.”
— Gaston Bachelard


Write about your home, your nest. It can be your childhood home, your grandparent’s home, your home, or even the home of a friend. Where is the home you return to most often in your dreams? Write about this place, the source of your memories.


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