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amy hood_sanctuary

The road, of course.
Sunrise is best, no cars whizzing by, the only sounds:
neighborhood roosters, songbirds, and the cadence of my footfalls.
Summer humidity thick and heavy– no matter.
Fair trade-off, that solid dawn air, to begin the day
alone and moving through the silence, blessed silence.
But any time of day will do,
any season, autumn’s vivid colorburst and crisp breeze feeding different senses.
Always the accompanying rhythm, breath in time with pace,
solidly in my body and out of my otherwise busy brain, focused on
the route,
the run,
the time,
alert for the sound of approaching cars,
in this moment, completely in, for every footstep, as
the seconds,
the miles,
the strength pile up,
distance logged, head cleared, body strong:
each run evidence of how far I’ve come
how far I still can go.

Amy Hood runs, reads, writes, and creates in Southern Rhode Island. She is passionate about inspiring artists of all ages and has recently launched Art Together, an e-zine for children and adults. You can learn all about it at Amy Hood Arts.

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